Meet Darity

DarityDarity Wesley
Of Counsel

“After nearly 30 years as a high paid corporate lawyer, I had a vision. I saw a new kind of law emerging that is based on collaboration, cooperation, and communication. I became so passionate about that vision, I created the Lotus Law Center. Its mission is to give back to the business world by offering businesses and associations affordable, specialized, personalized legal services to demonstrate that new kind of law.”

A renaissance lawyer, sought after business consultant and Privacy Diva, she is a seasoned veteran of the data world, from the public record and real estate information industries to technology start ups and international publishing companies. She was the founder of Privacy Solutions, Inc., which she sold in 2010, the same year she founded the Lotus Law Center. Darity knows that the issues of today’s new ways of doing business are confusing to some and a boon to others, but no matter what, respecting each other, our sellers and buyers, as well as our clients, customers and employees whether online or offline, is a crucial part of our future. The Lotus Lawyers™ provide a mindful approach to the legal world from one-on-one consulting to a total answer for any particular business model. Darity is a member of the California Bar Association and frequently speaks at conferences on subjects important to our world today. Feel free to contact her, she would love to hear from you. Contact Darity