Copyrights and Trademarks

Many businesses do not realize that their most valuable assets may be those that cannot be touched. Intangible property such as copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets are often neglected. For recent startups and service-oriented businesses, intellectual property may be the only significant assets. Failing to properly secure or protect such assets can result in a loss of revenue and goodwill.

The Lotus Law Center can help you protect your technology, creative expressions, taglines, logos and business name, trade secrets and confidential information by:


  • Identifying your copyrightable material and your unique marks and analyze the strength of your intellectual property;
  • Register your copyrights and trademarks to secure your ownership;
  • License your intellectual property for royalties;
  • Draft confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to protect your assets;
  • Assign your intangible assets for valuable consideration;
  • Protect against infringement or misuse of your intellectual property;
  • If necessary, enforce your rights against infringers.