Transactional Law and Contracts

Sound contracts are the foundation upon which a successful business is built. Whether you are hiring an employee or independent contractor, leasing property, entering into a joint venture, licensing an asset, purchasing a product, providing a service, structuring the relationship of your business owners, or simply circumscribing the manner in which visitors may use your website, you need a narrowly-tailored contract to address your immediate objectives and secure your assets.

For a reasonable flat fee, the Lotus Law Center can review any contract you have been presented and identify its strengths and weaknesses.

After a consultation in which we communicate our findings, we will offer solutions and negotiate the contract terms with other parties to provide the best terms. We understand that strong contractual relationships can help launch a business and support its continuing success. In contrast, a poorly written contract can expose you to unnecessary risk or liability.

We at the Lotus Law Center, have extensive experience evaluating, drafting and negotiating a variety of contracts and agreements from the simple to the complex.