Your Corporate Attorney

Small businesses are the heart of this country. The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives the American dream. At the Lotus Law Center, we are dedicated to supporting the needs of your small business. As we are also a small business, we understand the challenges you face in building your business and staying competitive.

Imagine having an exceptional business attorney on your team without worrying about a sky high per hour charge or six figure salary; a person you can contact any time with all of your legal questions and projects who knows your business; and an experienced firm that practices a collaborative, transformative, more conscious approach to what the law is and its importance to you and your business.your_corp_attorney

Large businesses often employ an in-house attorney or entire legal department to address legal issues as they arise. Small to mid-sized businesses may not have enough legal work to justify employing a full time attorney, but may still benefit from an attorney who is affordable, familiar with the business products and/or services, and who is knowledgeable about their legal needs. Our Your Corporate Attorney service allows small and mid-sized businesses for whom full-time in-house counsel may not be cost effective to benefit from ongoing representation by competent corporate counsel.

How does it work? For a low initial evaluation fee, we will invest time talking with you about your needs and conduct an evaluation of your existing business or future concept. Then, you pay a low monthly fee to lock in a low hourly billing rate for each hour you use our services that month. You also receive a discount on our Fixed Rate Packages, and all costs are presented upfront before any work is commenced. That means you will always receive an estimate before committing to anything – no surprise bills or hidden costs!

Why are we doing this? Times are changing. Our dynamic business environment calls for a more individualized, affordable approach to legal services so even a one person company can have the same benefits as a large corporation. Our attorneys have served businesses of every size.  We feel that this is a way to make legal services available to everyone.


How We Can Help You

We provide assistance with:

Contracts We can draft, review, interpret and negotiate your business and service contracts.

Corporate Governance Issues including drafting or reviewing:

  • Business structure and plan
  • By-Laws
  • Board of Director responsibilities and issues
  • Corporate resolutions and minutes
  • Shareholder agreements

Employment and Human Resource Matters

  • Hiring, disciplining and terminating  employees and other employment issues
  • Employee policies and manuals including social media and/or technology use policies
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating personnel agreements such as:
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Employment and severance agreements
    • Consulting agreements

General Business Legal Services

  • Any day to day issues that may arise
  • Prepare, clarify or respond to any demand or advocacy letters
  • Review your operations for legal compliance;
  • Prevent and help resolve any business or legal disputes





Technology Asset Protection We can prepare, review, discuss and negotiate:

  • Data licenses
  • Software licenses
  • Technology licenses
  • Data Use Compliance Plan
  • Copyright and Trademark registration, license and assignment
  • Data Consulting
  • Business Continuity Plan

Website Liability Reduction

  • Terms of Use Statement
  • Privacy Policy
  • Disclaimers
  • Copyright Notice
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice
  • Domain Name Concerns